Piranesi Pink Sample Wall Paint


Experience a Wall Paint with a rich backstory, artist-approved pigments, and unparalleled coverage. Join the industry experts, interiors influencers, and professional painters already bringing Annie’s History of Art expertise to their walls.

Piranesi Pink is a timeless, universally-complimentary pink, suggestive of the color of setting plaster. It’s named for the seminal Italian printmaker and architect, Giovanni Piranesi, and reflects both his love of Classical antiquity and his admiration for masonry (Piranesi was the son of a celebrated master stonemason which greatly influenced his work).

Piranesi Pink pairs well with Old White, Pemberly Blue & Pompadour.

Available in 120ml

Please note that coolers will vary depending on screen settings. We cannot guarantee that paint coolers will exactly match the color you see on screen.