Terre Verte Sample Wall Paint


Experience a Wall Paint with a rich backstory, artist-approved pigments, and unparalleled coverage. Join the industry experts, interiors influencers, and professional painters already bringing Annie’s History of Art expertise to their walls.

A cool neutral grey-green with enough white in it that it can be used as a neutral within a scheme. Terre Verte harnesses the serenity – but not the impersonality – of a blue green, and balances it with the inclusion of organic, slightly brown pigments. As the name suggests, this is a very traditional hue inspired by the pigment Green Earth. This is the color medieval Italian painters used for underpainting middle and shadow flesh tones. Slightly lighter than our popular shade of Chalk Paint, Coolabah, Terre Verte compliments the former perfectly.

Terre Verte pairs well with Piranesi Pink, Coolabah Green & Doric.

Available in 120ml

Please note that colors will vary depending on screen settings. We cannot guarantee that paint colors will exactly match the color you see on screen.